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Love and The Future

Everything I’ve been taught by mass media, educators, parents, etc., etc. has been that love should be restricted to two people. But the more I grow, learn and observe, the more I think that this belief might be one of the largest and most perpetuated fallacies in our world. In my mind, love should not be restricted in the slightest.

Why Restrict Love?

Why in the world would we restrict love and allow war to endlessly perpetuate itself, seemingly unchecked? Because it makes someone, somewhere money? Because it allows the shadows powers-that-be to continue to exercise their limp-dick muscles of control? Do they realize that their muscles are so frail? That their perceived level of control balances precariously on a thread? Are we really so scared of love that each of us tries to contain our own potential in a tiny bottle in which it could never reasonably fit?

Thoughts on Love

Love is beauty. Love is empowerment. I want to see a world ruled by love and I firmly believe that our pendulum has begun to swing in that direction. We’ve let our world be run by fear for much too long, but was it not necessary to see just how bad things would get if we took this path? Is it not highly likely that things may get worse before they get better? Absolutely. But the tide is turning.

I’m sitting here writing about love, gushing about its’ potential, excited about its’ possibilities. And I can’t act like I’m the first person to think this way. But I’m hopeful that now, in a world that’s becoming ever smaller due to our technological innovations, love will finally begin to exercise its’ full potential.

I will spend my life preaching the benefits of love. I will pledge to do what I can to avoid giving into fear and hatred. I will strive to share my love with as many others as I’m able; in whatever shape or size that sharing feels acceptable in the present moment.

Love and Sex

Many people confuse love with sex, and this is inaccurate. Love is much more than sex. Intimacy can be powerful, but an obsession with sex can be highly dangerous, and it’s certainly possible to have sex without the presence of love. Hell, we’ve got a billion-dollar porn industry that’s a prime example of that.

But why has such an industry sprung up? Because love is socially restricted. Because we are not able to practice it openly without fear of judgment. Because sex has been placed on a pedestal, and women, somehow, continue to be devalued and cast, again and again, as submissive sex dolls. There is nothing more powerful and sexy than a woman that knows what she wants, a woman that knows how to coax love from her man.

The Future

Men are hard. Men are competitive. Men feel like we need to win, like we need to be the best, like we need to succeed. But women are our counterparts, they are open and caring, they teach us how to cooperate peacefully, they stress the importance of enjoying the process rather than getting so caught up in the outcome, they realize we are all beautiful, and they can help us understand that “success” and “being the best” are a matter of individual perspective.

I think we desperately need women to guide us in the coming years. Men need to relinquish that seat of power we’ve clung to for so long. We must give way to women that can act as powerful guides. Men possess the power of rational thought. Women possess the powers of love and intuition. If we can learn to use these powers in greater concert, there’s really no telling where it’ll lead. But I’m convinced, wherever it leads, that it’ll be a much more positive space than the one we currently occupy.

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