Hi Guys! I’m Tucker and I’m very happy to host you here on my site. I’m a freelance writer, self-published author, digital marketer, and outdoor guide. As that might suggest, I very much like variety in my life and need to regularly change things up to find continued inspiration and education. I believe that lifelong learning is imperative to the elevation of human consciousness, and it is to this that I have devoted my life. It is also the purpose behind much of what I write, because I have found that, in sharing, we refine our ideas, bounce them off others, and learn infinite lessons in the process. 

I reside part-time in my hometown of Lake Tahoe, California and part-time in an amazing small town on the South Pacific coast of Costa Rica. My dream, in collaboration with my beautiful partner, Katie Jones (@namastepodcast), and a number of friends and family members that are much more skilled and intelligent than myself, is to open a retreat and adventure center dedicated to ongoing education through workshops, trainings, collaborative courses, and outdoor recreation. 

As such, I am always searching for new individuals who align with this vision and bring new skills and experiences to the equation. If this is a vision that sparks your interest, I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a line at tuckerballister@gmail.com