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A Good Place to Start…

My questions are many, my answers few,

Struggling to decide what I should do.

The world is big, the universe often incomprehensible.

It’s reassuring to have friends so dependable.

Relying solely on myself would be a fault,

Even the thought of doing so makes me halt.

It’s time to examine another corner of this vast world.

It’s time to face the obstacles that must be hurdled.

There is no time to pity oneself,

Only opportunities to further one’s wealth.

To be rich can mean many different things.

For me, it has nothing to do with diamond rings.

It is nothing to do with money in my pocket.

It’s about living life to its’ fullest, being me, and having the confidence to rock it.

Temptation pulls in many directions.

To this, I have minimal objections.

I want to see, to hear, and to smell.

I’m okay if that means going to hell.

I wish to touch, to taste, to love.

I wish to stop and ponder the stars above.

I’m fortunate to live in this free nation.

My life, henceforth, shall be my creation.

I can paint, draw, scribble, and shape it to my whims.

I can fill it with love right up to the brim.

In service to others, I may also manage to serve myself.

Assemble. Assemble. Find a team of loving elves.

The road is long, the path winding.

I just need to continue grinding.

But life should not be all work and no play.

I must make time for me, to run, to jump, or just to lay.

While we’re at it, sex is good.

Why do you think I sport this morning wood?

While the occasion may not be quite right,

This doesn’t mean there’s a need to fight.

Compromise can empower so many,

But a few keep the rest from living with plenty.

Inequality reigns like a morbid king.

But its’ hold on the throne rests on a thin string.

The people have the power to topple this unequal structure of power.

A brighter future will sprout and grow like the most beautiful flower.

All roads lead to one, our destiny’s intertwined.

But first, intentions must be aligned.

We all don’t need to think the same.

But many need to stop playing the game.

Too much in my head, neglecting my heart.

Just stop and listen.

Hell, at least it’s a good place to start.

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